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Tagaytay | Palace in the Sky


If you want a quick and cheap getaway, go to People’s Park in the Sky.
But don’t get too excited just yet. Though you can literally feel that you are walking in the sky due to the thick fog and chilly weather, there’s nothing more to expect.

We went there at around 4PM. The wind is strong and the weather’s real chilly. Parking’s not a problem, there’s a parking space provided for those who have private vehicles. There were those who prefer to park beside the cliff, maybe to avoid fees and those who sell espasol. I am not sure if public transportation is available.

Slash as little as P15 from your budget and you are good to go. Enter the “palace” and walk the steep road ahead. The tiled sidewalk of course is not as good as before, some tiles were already broken and uneven. The signages are all stained and “readable”. The railings that used to act as protective barriers aren’t really helpful now.

Can you find where the letter E is?

Reverse shot.

There are still lots of people despite the place's condition.

Photo courtesy of Lemuel Basco

Railings are all corroded.

You can also see some stores near the summit, selling native products. Clothes and various souvenir items like bags and keychains are sold there. Oh yeah, videoke is present! Hunger is not a problem, food stalls are all over. Some of them even selling beer, which I think is not really appropriate as most sightseers are parents with little kids. Ice cream can be bought there too and believe me, ice cream + chilly weather is equal to perfect! 🙂

The place is ideal for picture takings if it was maintained in mint condition. But yes, we did took a lot of photos (in their man-made bridge, pineapple structure, small amphitheater and against the white fog). Ideal for quiet times and sentimental moments as well.

Ideal for quiet moments.

When we are about to go home at 6PM, it is already dark and there’s no hint of any lighting fixtures around. Be sure to walk in the sidewalk to avoid accidents. There are jeepneys going up and down the steep road and the thick fog might prevent them from spotting you.

Here’s more to see when you go there:

A chapel I think.

The fog is so thick.

Lights fixtures are not working.

Sceneries are ideal for picture taking.

I hope that the government revamp wonderful places such as Palace in the Sky. After all, where can you go and taste a cheap yet thrilling experience? This place sure deserves a second chance.

Note: Condition as of Dec 2010 ~ 4/10

Homemade Shrimp Tempura


On a Jap craving but your budget’s too tight? Why don’t you whip something by yourself!

Homestyle shrimp tempura in a snap!! ^_^

Shrimps (deveined; seasoned with salt & pepper)
Bread crumbs
Cooking oil

1. Coat the shrimps with flour.
2. Beat the eggs and dip the flour-coated shrimps in there.
3. Coat the shrimps with bread crumbs.
4. Deep fry until golden brown.
5. Place cooked shrimp tempura in a paper towel or kitchen tissue to remove excess oil.

Homestyle Shrimp Tempura


For the original dipping sauce, you will need Japanese ingredients that are not so budget-friendly and it is way too complicated to make. So if you would like to try something new, I recommend a Japanese dipping sauce, Bull-Dog. Available at any leading grocery stores (around P150+). Just pour it straight out of the bottle. Plate and serve!! Enjoy! ^_^

Bull-Dog dipping sauce



Cream-O Crinkles


Crinkle’s one of my fave snacks since I was a kid. So when hubby bought this, was surprised that they actually have a crinkle line now. Since I regularly buy this brand, I got really excited to munch the first bite.

A few clicks first (for blog purposes 🙂 ), then we are ready to roll. Opening its pack as if I am opening a bag of goodies..

Cream-O Crinkles

And I say, it’s an epic fail at first bite! It lacks the soft-brownie texture that originally baked crinkles have. Of course I am not looking for the authentic one, but I find calling it “crinkles” unjustifiable. Better call it something like “little-softer-than-cookies-with-confectioner’s-sugar”.

I really do not want to whine here, just exhaling my personal sentiment and utter disappointment over this product. Which completely burst my memory bubble! 😦

On the other hand, to give them a shot of fresh air.. Here’s worth chomping on, try their Original/Deluxe version. Truly, FTW! 🙂