Ilocos Norte: Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

Ilocos Norte: Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

Summer vacation is almost here, so I thought of posting some sights that might help your itinerary.

Our journey’s back dated May 2015, thus pictures and details might vary from present time.

One of my most favorite spot would be Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, located at Burgos Ilocos Norte. It was built from the 1800s and now known as a historical marker.

We passed by before lunch en route to Bangui and let me emphasize that the sun is scorching hot. It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothes, bring drinking water and the likes.


Cape Bojeador Lighthouse - Facade

Parking is scarce, so it might be a problem during peak season. There’s a short uphill climb before you reach the steps of the lighthouse. It’s manageable though, no problem even if we have two small kids with us.

The stunning view from the top is all worth it. The wind should help you relax a bit before you descend the tower. There’s a viewing area where you can have a good view of the sea.




The view!


The view!

There are vendors at the foot of the lighthouse that sell souvenirs (keychains, ref magnets, shirts, etc.) and ice scramble which was a hit for us since it was very hot then.



Our visit was short and brief but the memory will surely last.

Again, details might differ from current time since our travel transpired May 2015.

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