Ilocos Sur: Baluarte

Ilocos Sur: Baluarte

Part of our Ilocos itinerary was to go to Baluarte. We traveled May 2015, so do further research as details may have changed over time.

The place is owned by a politician, Chavit Singson. It can be described as a zoo, however there aren’t much animals to see that time since some parts are still under construction. There’s no entrance fee, all you need to do is register yourselves upon entering.


Exotic birds

Colorful exotic birds will welcome you, you’ll be surprised that they do not attempt to fly away and just stay in their makeshift branches.

There’s a big area with a couple of deer and horses. Which will cater you to big dinosaur statues, a favorite spot of tourists for photo ops.




A little hike more and you’ll see peacocks, swans, plus other animals which I don’t exactly remember (sorry). You’ll have to pay a fee if you want to see the tiger, which is not available for regular viewing.

There’s also a cooperative store inside that sell souvenirs. You can check this submarine too, quite interesting if you haven’t seen one.


The last part of your hike would be Chavit’s museum where he displays the head of taxidermied animals he killed from his hunting escapades.



Overall, this is something to check out especially if you have kids that would appreciate seeing live animals that they have read from the book, after all you can enter for free. But if it’s not your thing, then you can remove it from your itinerary.

Note that may come handy, it’s freaking hot out there (during that time) with lots of tourist, so bring water, towel, hat or fan to cool you down while walking. You can also try their bamboo juice, very delish!

Traveled May 2015, details may have changed.

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