Starfreak cos I literally love stars and a freak for them.
I am into writing, music, arts and a desperate “chef” wanna be! Worked for several years in an advertising company and decided to leave my career to focus on my kids. I am now working home-based for a social media monitoring company. Now a happy mom of two, this site is an emotional output for me. I believe this will help me become more of what I am now, get a hold of the real “me” and inspire other moms that there’s more to explore and learn out there. So to all moms like me – Get out of your shell and discover the real you!

Music. Is there a need to say that music is life? Everyone from the family knows how to sing and at least knows how to play one musical instrument. I play a little of the piano and but more in love with the guitar. Composing songs during free and down times. I plan to teach my kids too to love music and express themselves through it. 

Arts. My hobby. Not into brushes though, I prefer sketches, photographs and of course thanks Photoshop! I’m also into DIYs and upcycling.

Cooking. I have my own specialty dishes. Not a pro. I think that cooking does not really need to be difficult. It’s as simple as — mix & match. I will also try to come up with easy and must-try recipes here.

The Red Keyboard. Enjoy my site!