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Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte: Saud Beach

Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte: Saud Beach

Summer is here so I thought of sharing our Ilocos trip last May 2015.

During our Pagudpud leg, we stayed at Saud Beach and checked in at Chalet Bami.

We went to the beach around late afternoon after the much needed rest since we’re very exhausted from the long travel from Manila and numerous stop overs to see tourist spots en route to Saud.

This part of Pagudpud is more crowded or jam packed, accommodations vary from hotels (I didn’t see posh hotels), transients and even quite a number of home stays (private houses which offers a room for you to stay for a low cost).

The beach is around 2-3 minutes walk from our lodging. Not a problem at all. You will enter a gate leading to the beach.  I was surprised how white and fine the sand is!


Fine white beach. Lots of sea weeds.

But here’s the catch, when we went last year the waves are huge. There were lots of sea weeds floating and being washed ashore. And when I say lots, there are piles of sea weeds everywhere. The water though is not clear nor blue, but it may be because of the strong waves which stir the sand causing it to look a little bit roily.


View of the windmills from afar.

Since we have kids with us, we didn’t swim further away from the shore and instead we just built sand castles and played in the sand.

My favorite part? What can be more beautiful than watching the sunset in the beach!


Notes that may come handy:
Best to keep an eye on your kids, waves are huge.
No entrance fee, more of a public beach.
There are stray dogs in the beach, though I think they are used to the everyday crowd.

Traveled May 2015, details may vary.