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Family Comes First


After several attempts, finally we were able to watch Click last night.

The plot focused on Michael (Adam Sandler), tired of using different remote controls for different gadgets. He figured that he wanted a universal remote that would control his life and everything around him. He chanced upon a store – Bed, Bath and Beyond where he met Morty. The latter gave him this remote that would change his life, to note that the item is non-returnable. He was able to get hold of his life the way he wanted it to be, until he realized that he does not want this kind of life at all.

I used to think that this was another flimsy story, but I was wrong. There’s a moral story behind it and in fact a very important lesson was taught –Family comes first. No matter how busy we are, especially in terms of career. Even if your reasons are genuinely focused on your desire to give the best for your family, we must never take our family for granted.

It is a sad thought that due to busy schedules, family time is always compromised. But remember that the time spent with our spouses, children and loved ones is time well invested and spent.

So keep it in mind, FAMILY COMES FIRST.