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Cream-O Crinkles


Crinkle’s one of my fave snacks since I was a kid. So when hubby bought this, was surprised that they actually have a crinkle line now. Since I regularly buy this brand, I got really excited to munch the first bite.

A few clicks first (for blog purposes 🙂 ), then we are ready to roll. Opening its pack as if I am opening a bag of goodies..

Cream-O Crinkles

And I say, it’s an epic fail at first bite! It lacks the soft-brownie texture that originally baked crinkles have. Of course I am not looking for the authentic one, but I find calling it “crinkles” unjustifiable. Better call it something like “little-softer-than-cookies-with-confectioner’s-sugar”.

I really do not want to whine here, just exhaling my personal sentiment and utter disappointment over this product. Which completely burst my memory bubble! 😦

On the other hand, to give them a shot of fresh air.. Here’s worth chomping on, try their Original/Deluxe version. Truly, FTW! 🙂