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The fire surveyor | God’s messenger in disguise!


It was just another ordinary day of February.

I was working as usual, while my husband was playing with the kids.  A man knocked on our door and asked me to participate in a fire survey.  I do not like to be disturbed during work hours and knowing that it is just another fire survey are enough reasons for me to say no.

So for unknown reason, I entertained the guy.  Went out of the front door and talked to the man named Domer, a typical bubbly guy.  Okay and for as long as he is talking with sense and he won’t waste my time.  He carried out his drill and I listened intently.  The guy highlighted different samples of fire incidents caused by various fire hazards like candles, electrical appliances/plugs and the number one cause of fire in the Philippines (according to him), the LPG tank.  Several questions about the preventive measures that we are taking were asked and we discussed my awareness regarding the issue.  I said I was confident enough that our family and house are safe and nowhere near harm.  He asked for my permission to check our cooking area and again I said yes.

Confident enough, I led him to the kitchen.  He checked the stove, A-okay.  The LPG tank as he scrutinized is fine since it bears the quality markings and it has a ring-type handle.  The man told us that it is important that the tank is sealed when bought and the metal body should be non-corroded.  Very good, now I can really say that I feel safe and confident about this issue.

Oh, but wait!  We nearly dropped our jaws when he checked the LPG hose!  We were all shocked to see that it is already deteriorating.  One more spark of flame can send our house to ashes and take lives to say the worst scenario that can happen.  I felt a sudden flush of fear and an instant flashback came into my mind– I just cooked lunch about an hour ago!

He then pulled a new/sturdy hose and LPG safety device from his bag.  He was about to start a demo and gave several tips on fire prevention.  I won’t narrate this chapter in detail and to cut the story short, we bought the regulator for an expensive fee and he left.  After a few minutes, I realized that it was fast.  The device (even if it comes with the hose & clamps) is exorbitant!  I researched about it and find several links that says that it can be bought for only 10% of the price that he offered us.  Some say it was a scam, starting out as a “fire survey” just like how we were approached.

Alright, I think we were scammed!  But should that matter now?  We already have the safety device installed and paid the fee.  But I chose to cling to the fact that the man literally saved our lives!  The incident is a proof that God still works in His own way.  I wish to conclude that it was a blessing in disguise.  Since I never entertained surveys before (there are lots who came by and I never said yes).  I would never let anyone enter our house just because I am always suspicious and it is hard to deal with strangers nowadays.  And checking our LPG hose can be the last thing to enter our minds, but he came out of nowhere and it was even a weekend!

I do not want to overreact but I believe that God is there.  He sent someone to save us from danger.  Sometimes we just need to listen and open ourselves.  Truly God is ever faithful even if we are so hard-headed and we forgot to call on Him most of the time.  People need to accept that though we are in control over things, we still need God.  He is our Father and like a child we can always call up to Him and be in a relationship with Him.

This I share to everyone.  Open your hearts and see things in a different light.  For all we know, these people may be God’s messengers in disguise.