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Philippine Lottery


It’s all over the news today. Grand Lotto 6/55 Jackpot today’s at P521,853,476. Now, who wouldn’t say WOW! over that sum of money. It’s even hard to find a lost penny in the metro today.

Last night, hubby and I thought of our what ifs. If we won the lottery today, what will you do? Now that’s a tough question, but not so. I thought well, of course you get to buy the things that you wanted long time ago when you’re still on a tight budget. Save some of it in a time deposit account and keep it for our kids’ future. And of course help our families and few trusted friends. Most importantly, we thought of giving back — donate to charities and help those who are in need.

Well, I thought that it is already written in history and whoever that is, he’s already destined to win. Moreover, the winner has all the right to use the money in any way he wants. A lot of one-time millionaires had lost it in a glance of course with no smart planning on hand.

There’s nothing wrong in taking chances. Though reality bites that we need to work our ass off everyday to get along. So pick your lucky numbers now!! ^_^

Getting active on Twitter:
#ifiwinthelotto I will save for my kid’s future,keep a little for dream luxuries, help my family&trusted friends and donate to charities!^_^

Tweets I saw along the way:
cguro di ako makakatulog ng ilang araw..
I’ll send home 100 distressed OFWs here in Abu Dhabi.
10k sa bawat Facebook friend ko.
i’ll feed all the hungry & buy homes for the homeless pinoy. 🙂
papalagyan ko ng aircon ang mga room sa PUP. Para hindi na mainit.
I’d hire the greatest assassins to get rid of the most corrupt politicians in the philippines..
ill pay justin bieber to never sing again.
gagawin kong panghugas sa plato ang Ipad 🙂
I’ll give the 400m away… Will just enjoy/invest/splurge/travel with the 100m with the fam…
100M for HIV/AIDS advocacy, 200M for investment, 100M for lifetime salary, 100M for immediate spending.

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