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Baguio City | Philippine Military Academy


Baguio city is also the home of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA).

Philippine Military Academy ~ Loakan, Baguio City

The academy slash tourist attraction offers both educational and entertaining touring experience. Aside from their headquarters and barracks, old fighting vehicles and equipment were also displayed for public viewing.


Old military vehicles

Though PMA is open to the public, remember to observe proper discipline around the military compound. Traffic is well maintained and be sure that you are driving within speed limit. Always keep off the grass (believe me, I’ve been there and done that) if you do not want to be confronted by uniformed officers and face public humility.

Observe PMA's rules and regulations

Flowers are for beautification purposes only

You will also see a chapel inside the compound. Furnishings like a tree house and cabin-like huts can be seen there too.

A chapel inside the military compound

This is really a big hit for the kids! ­čÖé

For hungry travelers, a cooperative store that sells food and souvenirs can be found right beside the parking area. You can wander freely inside the base, though some areas were already restricted and inaccessible to the public.

Note: Condition as of Dec 2010 – 9/10

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