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Baguio City | Tam-awan Village


Tam-awan, also known as “Garden in the Sky” is an artificial Ifugao village constructed to demonstrate the Ifugao’s way of life. Open for public viewing at P50 per adult, P30 for kids and a discounted entrance fee for students and seniors. The place is a haven for the culture and arts fanatic, but for those who are not this is just another boring place to be.

Tam-awan Village ~ Pinsao, Baguio City

I am really fascinated when I read about Tam-awan in a magazine and was really curious to see the place for real. We were welcomed by man-manufactured steps, each step large enough for you to climb hard to reach the village up the hill. Then off for a muddy walk, hello Bul-ols and wide array of paintings. Traditional Ifugao huts are available for rent. I have read that they have a fertility hut, for those couples who wish to have a child.

Lush green surroundings

Huts are available for rent

Interiors of the hut

There are images of Bul-ols all over the place, an art exhibit called the Bugnay Gallery and you can also sit and have your portrait sketched by in-house artists. No need to worry about souvenirs, they have it inside the village. Though prices are far more higher than those sold in the public market. If hunger strikes their restaurant is always open to accommodate you at all cost.

Bul-ols are everywhere

Art exhibit

Get your portrait sketched here

Yes, they have a mini restaurant

Here’s for the first timers, I suggest you put on your best non-slip rubber shoes. Believe me, it is not easy to climb those muddy stairs wearing Vans or Chuck Taylor! And I do not recommend that you tag your kids along because the stairs are steep and mosquitoes were so big! But I do hope as well that these will not prevent you to go to Tam-awan to appreciate and marvel the Ifugao culture.

Note: Condition as of Dec 2010 ~ 7/10

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