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Baguio City | The Mansion & Wright Park


The Mansion House and Wright Park are two of the most sought after tourist spots in Baguio City. The Mansion House serving different purposes during the American era, now functions as a summer residence for the Philippine president. It is open to the public, but access is limited on certain areas only.

The Mansion House ~ Baguio City

The majestic gate of the Mansion House

The Mansion has a colorful history indeed!

Cross the street to get to the Wright Park where the long man-made pond awaits you. Enjoy taking pictures amid the flowers in wide diversity and lots of towering pine trees on both sides. There’s a newly renovated hotel along the pond too. Sagada oranges and paintings can be bought around the vicinity. In the middle of the “almost” perfect setting, a bulk of garbage caught our attention as we ended the walk in the pond with distaste. Cleanliness should be well-maintained, so to attract more tourist and preserve the natural beauty of the environment.

The famed man-made pond

Paintings for sale

What a turn off!

The main attraction here would be the horses that are available for rent (around P300 per hour). Professional or novice riders can have a thrilling ride as the horses were already tamed and coaches are there to guide you as you canter around the area. There’s a specific area for horse rides. But if I remember it right, you can ride outbound provided you are willing to pay additional fees.

Horses are available for rent

Novice riders enjoy a thrilling horse ride

If horseback riding is not your thing, you can check out row of souvenir stores around. Watch out for horse’s poop and prepare to take a shower when you get back to your hotel.

Note: Condition as of Dec 2010 ~ 7/10

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